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Campaign Precheck is our guided seamless checklist that optimizes every email, from your preview text to visually-accessible design, deliverability checks and email previews, allowing you to save time, reach more subscribers and achieve higher ROI with every message.

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Get your email subscriber-ready in our three-step workflow.

Step 1: Content Checks.

Be compelling in the inbox and review your subject line and preheader text in one step to engage your readers and motivate more opens.

Make each email accessible with ADA-compliant code adjustments so your message resonates with more subscribers.

Increase email performance with automatic link and image checks so you capture each subscriber’s attention and drive engagement.

Protect your brand’s reputation with a final spell check, including the title, preheader, alt text and body. Plus, we’ll scan for words that may be offensive.

Content QA

Step 2: Deliverability.

Improve your email deliverability and land in more inboxes with blacklist domain and spam tests. Campaign Precheck will check your email against the most popular spam filters and your domain against the most common blacklists so you can resolve any issues before you “send.”


Step 3: Email Previews.

Run a test of your email as many times as you need to ensure it looks the way you intended. Easily share email previews via share link to teammates, clients and stakeholders so everyone stays on the same page.

Email Previews

Campaign Precheck Steps

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